Luters Posh Spas-R-Teas & Event Planning Services - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Ased Questions
  • How far in advance should I book a party?
All customers are very important to us and we will do our best to accommodate the vast needs and time lines. There are many facets of the planning process that must be considered such as initial signing of contract, processing of deposits, production and delivery of party invitations, booking of external service provides etc. Therefore in order to be assured the best quality of service please book at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event date.
  • How do I book a rental event from Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Plannong?
You may contact us through our website via the contact and booking form on the Contact page, email ( or by phone at  504-236-6129 All calls and inquiries are very important to us so please allow up to 24 hours to process and return calls. Depending on when your party date is requested we will either meet with you in person or mail you a party packet that includes an instruction sheet, simple contract and guest list sheet. If time allows, all information will be mailed. I request that the signed contract along with guest list and a non-refundable deposit payable to Tracy Luter (required to hold your party date) is returned to us within 7 days. Once your deposit has been processed and/or check has cleared, you will be supplied with the coordinating party invitations (Providing this item is included in your package). The deposit also goes towards the overall cost of your party, which will be paid in full the day we arrive at your party by cash. It is important that youunderstand that there is a $30.00 fee for any returned cheques or"STOP PAYMENT".Also, if we do not receive your completed paperwork and deposit within the 7 day period from the time of booking your event * whether in person or by mail * you will forfeit your event date for another potential booking.
  • How much is the deposit to secure my event date?
Non-refundable deposits are required in order to secure your desired event date and time. A celebration will not be considered booked nor will a date be held for an event if a deposit is not received from the client along with the corresponding paper work and signed contract. Deposits required will vary depending on event and/or services and packages as each party theme and event package requires varying levels of initial preparation and start up. Deposit requirements are always discussed with each client at the time of inquiry and reaffirmed at the time of booking. If you have any questions regarding the non-refundable deposit requirements, please feel free to contact Tracy Luter today.
  • Can I book a party in less than the 4-6 weeks suggested?
If your party date is available there is always the possibility of booking and hosting a Posh Event from Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event Planning in less than 4 weeks. However, you must understand that there may be aspects of your party that may be affected as a result of the shortened planning period. For example, you may not have enough time to mail out the invitations to your guests. A custom event may not be able to be created because of the time constraints. Also specialty services may not be utilized to their full potential due to time constraints such as design and delivery of custom invitations, or availability of your specific theme. Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event sets a very high standard for goods and services provided to its customers. We therefore require the full 4 to 6 weeks ensuring deliver and producing a high quality event. Please understand that if these standards are compromised due to time constraints resulting from late bookings it is not the responsibility of Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning.      
  • Are custom events available?
We have a spectacular selection of theme party/event rental packages to meet the wide range of preferences and ages of our customers. However, an entirely new and custom theme party/event package can be designed and created to meet the needs of our customers and make their party/event truly unique. The cost of the base package for a custom theme party/event rental for 8 will vary depending on the theme and complexity of the details in preparation. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to coordinate all of the facets of a custom party/event and we do not compromise the standards and quality of our services and products. The additional time to design and coordinate all resources necessary for a custom party must be considered at the time of booking. All custom theme rental parties will be subject to a custom theme party planning service fee.
  • What if I need to cancel or postpone my party?
 If you have to postpone, we will work with you to reschedule your party to another day that will work, but you must inform us at least 7 days prior to your party date. Due to the reservation nature of our business, the deposit is non-refundable but it can be applied towards the cost of another party if held within 60 days of the original party date. Parties may only be postponed one time. If you have postponed a Wedding, Anniversary, or Engagement Celebration, you will be required to pay an additional fee to reprint custom invitations, by Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event Planning and/or selected manufacturer. The additional fee will vary among the party/event theme package(s) as each custom event has its own level of detail and complexity. If you choose to cancel our services for any reason, your deposit will not be refunded.
  • What if there is bad weather or illness?
Being residents of Texas and New Orleans, we are aware that the weather can be unpredictable and uncooperative at times. In the event of bad weather, Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event Planning reserve the right to reschedule your party delivery - safety is of the utmost importance. If the guest of honor becomes ill, we will gladly work with you to choose an alternate date for your party based on availability. See our policy in the question above for more information.
  • How does the rental process work?
Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event Planning strives to provide client(s) with worry free events. Our main goal is to provide our customers with everything they will need for a great party/event - from invitations to favours! Parts of this service includes the complete set up and take down of all party/event rental inventory in order to provide you with more time to focus on and enjoy other aspects of your event. In order to prepare for us, we ask that the party room/venue be clean and clear of all unnecessary items (declutter) and the base of furniture be arranged in the location that you desire or that was discussed during initial meeting or phone conversation. For most parties/events, set up requires a minimum of 2 hours while working quickly and with no interruptions. The time to set up your event is a major facet of the event planning process. Therefore set up preparations must be considered fully and kept in mind when deciding the time of your event and when and at what time you would like items delivered.The rental period is normally 4 hours. Your Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event planner will deliver and set up the event area. Your Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event planner will also remain on site to help out with event details and ensure the event runs smoothly from each event. Once the event is starting to come to an end (usually within 2 hours), your Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event planner will begin to clean up the event area. Once all of the guests have gone home all items are then packed up and removed from your home or event location. This helps to ensure that all items are returned in the condition in which they were delivered. Table accessories including dishes, cutlery, servers, decorations etc. must be cleaned and in order for us to pack them neatly back into the bins. Items of fabric such as linens, towels, chair ties, costumes etc. will be laundered by us. All items must be returned so referring to the inventory sheet that is provided is very helpful.
  • Do you require any special parking provisions for delivery and pick of party rental items?
As mentioned earlier, event items are packed in large bins and costumes on a rolling rack. Packages can be large and awkward and, depending on the theme or specialty services utilized by a particular customer, there may be several large packages that are to be delivered. Therefore we kindly request that you allow space for us to park as close to the entrance of your home as possible as we do carry many heavy items into your event. In case of rain, entrance through a covered garage would be greatly appreciated!
  • What are the party/event packages that are available?
Our party theme/event rental process is set up with several events to choose from. Each party/event is designed to meet the vast needs and desires of our clients and offers varying benefits. Please see each party theme/event for specific information regarding each party celebration.
  • When should I send the party invitations to my guests?
Most party theme/event rental celebration package includes invitations (either our original Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas invitations or custom invitations to coordinate to the party theme and set the tone for the party) and envelopes. For the Custom Celebration invitations will be provided to you once all paperwork has been completed and returned and deposit processed. At which point you will then address and mail your invitations to your guests. Typically invitations should be sent at least 4 weeks prior to the event date. Once again, timing of booking is important in order to allow enough time for processing your booking and allowing you enough time to mail invitations. It is not the responsibility of Luter's Posh Spa, Party, Teas and Event to address or mail invitations for ANY party/event packages. Therefore, the responsibility of ensuring that invitations are accurately addressed and mailed in a timely manner lies solely in the hands of each customer.However, the Platinum Custom Celebration party/event package offers the client with the added peace of mind of having the invitations addressed and mailed. In this case it is critical that booking and processing happen well in advance of the party date and all mailing information is provided to Luter's Posh Spas-R-Teas & Event Planning in order to ensure that the invitations reach all guests in a timely fashion.Most party/event package includes invitations and envelopes for the seven guests, not including the guest of honour. For parties in which there are more than 8 guests, the cost of the extra invitations and envelopes is included in the additional charge per guest for that particular party theme package. Unless a larger package is selected, and additional fees will not be included.
  • Are custom invitations available?
We have a beautiful assortment of party/event invitations to coordinate with each party theme package and set the tone for your party/event. These invitations are both custom in design and professionally printed. Custom invitations are offered in most packages and are subject to additional charges above and beyond the base price for a theme party/event rental package. The cost of custom invitations also varies depending on the theme, added details and delivery time needs. It is important to keep design and delivery time in mind when requesting custom invitations and booking a party with Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning.
  • What is the minimum attendance?
Our party packages are designed for 8 guests including the guest of honor. We welcome parties smaller than 8, however each party is charged for the minimum of 8 children. The cost of the party will not be adjusted if there are less than 8 children in attendance.  
  • What is the maximum attendance for Themed Spa and Tea Events?
Each party designed and planned by Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning is unique and we strive to meet the needs and desires of all our customers. Our Spa/Tea/Themed Event packages work best if there are 8 guests however we can plan to accommodate up to 12 guests for these particular events. Although we can plan and organize a party for more than 12 guests there are very important aspects of the party that must be considered and these will have to be discussed in detail once you decide which theme you want. For each guest exceeding the minimum 8, there is an additional fee per guest, which will vary depending on the party theme and event packages of choice. You will only be required to pay for the number of additional guests as confirmed 48 hours prior to your party. For Platinum Packages, the additional fee per additional guest will cover all of the materials needed to provide for that guest (food, costumes, favours etc.) including the custom invitation. If an additional guest is unable to make it to your celebration, you will however be required to pay for the additional custom invitation sent to that individual. For example, 12 guests are invited to your Posh Party/Event and only 10 confirm that they will be able to attend. Your costs will include the Posh Event fee for the 8 guests, including the guest of honour, plus the additional fee for that package for the two additional guests, plus the corresponding fee for the two custom invitations sent to the two guests who are unable to attend.
  • Do you need a final RSVP count before the party/event date?
All of our party/event packages are prepared for the total of guests your initial paid package provides and those products are what we will bring to your party/event. Therefore, if you are expecting the number of guests your paid package or less, you will not need to provide us with an RSVP, as we will be prepared to supply you with materials for the confirmed number of guest as stated in your paid package. However, if for some reason, you are expecting more guests than what was specified at the initial booking we would definitely require a revised RSVP count as well as an updated guest list at least 1 week before the party date. This is to ensure provisions for the added guest(s) are supplied and the final cost of the party rental is reflective of the number of guests in attendance. We will also confirm final numbers 48 hours prior to the event date via a phone call and address any questions or concerns that you may have at that time.
  • Where can I host my party?
Part of the service that is provided from Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning is to bring everything you need for a great party/event to you wherever you are. You may choose to have your party/event at home or you may choose to have your party/event at another location. It is important that you understand that you must organize all of the details of this alternate location. Also, Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning must be notified of all the details of these alternative locations in advance. Also, party items delivered to the location specified at the time of booking are not to be moved to an alternative location. Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or damages that may occur at any location.
  • May I host an outdoor party?
Outdoor parties are beautiful and enjoyed by many when the weather is nice and cooperative. Party materials may be taken outdoors to a clean, non-grassy, non-dirty area such as a patio, deck, gazebo etc. Guests participating in the party/event will not be permitted to go into grassy or dirty areas while in attire and accessories provided by Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning. If you choose to have an outdoor function and must use sunscreen, you may be responsible for damage caused to our costumes from use of these products. We reserve the right to determine if the outdoor area is suitable for our equipment. Please provide an area indoors for the guests to change into costumes (if costumes/robes are required for your specific theme). In addition, please have an indoor back-up location available to accommodate all guests in case weather conditions change. Keep in mind that guests may not want to dress up and may not enjoy the party as much if it is hot outside- and we all know how hot it can get during the summer months. Please advise Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning of the possibility of an outdoor party/event at the time of your booking.
  • What should guests wear at my Themed Event/Party?
When determining what is appropriate for the children to wear in order to participate in a party theme created from Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning you must consider the party theme itself. Each party/event package outlines what the guests are recommended to wear in order to participate in the party. In most cases, guests are to wear a bodysuit and tights. However, there are party themes which require other attire so please refer to the party theme outline for this information and advise your guests in advance. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact us.
  • What ages are appropriate for your rental party items?
Our parties are for 3 years and up. For safety reasons, children under 3 years of age will not be permitted to use equipment provided by Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning. If you have a special party request for guests younger than 3, please contact us to discuss your needs. For costumes, we have various sizes to accommodate the ages of the guests specified in each party theme.
  • How long should my party last?
Party length depends greatly on the age of the guests in attendance and the activities planned for the party. Our typical party is about 2 hours and you will be provided with a sample timeline and itinerary with your package that will fall within the 2-hour time frame. If you have booked a party/event that includes a hostess from Luter's Posh Spa-R-Teas & Event Planning they will guide the party within the 2-hour time frame.